Google - "Google News" - (2011) :63 (USA)


Google - "Google News" - (2011) :63 (USA)

Working directly with executives from Google, BNS is very proud to have created what we hope you’ll agree is a fascinating and informative :63 spot demonstrating the personalization features of .

Complete Project Credits: “Google News”

Project Name: "Google News"
Length: :63
Debut Date: July 10, 2011
More Info:

Client: Google

Production Company: Brand New School
Creative Director: Jonathan Notaro
Managing Director: Danny Rosenbloom
Executive Producer: Devin Brook
Art Director: Justin Fines
Designers: Justin Fines, Freddy Arenas, Katherine O'Conner, Lujan Decima, Jungeon Kim
Animator: Freddy Arenas
Producer: Madison Brigode
Production Coordinator: Zoe Beyer

Sound Design: SuaveSound


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