Google, this is a really cute ad, and a well told story that fits your current campaign like a glove, but if Eric's "Hell freezes over" comment on twitter was going to be true, you'd need to air a new ad on the Super Bowl. You know, like the super bowl tradition requires. Try that next year. p.s who the heck is Bing?

Client: Google Agency: Google Creative Lab Spots Title: Parisian Love Air Date: February 2010 Prod Company: 1stAveMachine Director: Aaron Duffy EP(s): Serge Patzak, Sam Penfield Producer(s): John Burger, Crystal Campbell Head of Creative Development: Claire Mitchell Concept Art: Carlos Ancalmo AE Artists: Joon Park, John Stanch, John Loughlin, Will Decker, Anthony Serriano, WeiTo Chow Music: Analogue Muse EP: Alan Zahn Composer: Jeremy Turner Sound Design: Analogue Muse Sound Designer(s): Geoff Strasser, Nick Cipriano Producers: Alan Zahn, Jeremy Turner Audio Post: Muse Mix Mixer: Nick Cipriano

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  • Plywood's picture

    This spot is CRAP. That is all.

    Feb 09, 2010
  • Dabitch's picture

    Plywood! C'mere you ad-curmudgeon, I missed you, give us a hug, lets hate together!

    Ok, apart from the hand-me-downs feeling when someone runs a previously aired ad on superbowl (BOO! HISS!), what bugs me with this one was that there are no wacky autofills showing up in there. I mean, was it that much to ask for an easter egg on Super Bowl Sunday? It's a long way from crap though.

    Feb 09, 2010
  • Robbotman's picture

    Best ad on this years bowl.

    Feb 09, 2010