Google Play want you to know that downloading anything to one device automagically shares same things to all of your devices. This is pretty dang awesome. To explain this in laymans terms, they got a bald guy and a few ballons in a pool. yep. Why? Because sync sounds like sink and omg they made an entire commercial out of a sound-alike pun. Kill me.

Advertising Agency: Google Studio G, USA Agency Producers: Heather Hurford, Yovel Schwartz Producers: Nina Dluhy-Miller, Yovel Schwartz Copywriter / Director: Jonathan Zames Production Design: Sarah Lawlor, Syyn Labs Practical Effects: Syyn Labs Director of Photography: Jesse Eisenhardt Editor: Lauren Giordano Visual Effects: Corey Ryan / HOPR Colorist: Bob Curerri Sound Design: Noisy Neighbors