It doesn't matter who you are or where you are food brings us all together. This branded content features 18 chefs coming together under one roof to create an experience called Small World, celebrating different cultures languages and food. Throughout we see chefs bringing their passion to life and of course mobile device usage as people use the translator to see what it is they're going to eat. It's pretty neat, but it's also a no-brainer. They spent the first 45 second explaining how food is the great cultural uniter. Of course everyone is going to have a good time. And while it may be true that you don't often see Scandinavian and African and Israeli and Japanese cuisine on one menu, it's not like these foods haven't been introduced to each other before. Not to get all nerdy but Brazilian cuisine is already a mixture of African, Portuguese and Indigenous. And we've already endured the fusion craze. So while it's a cool idea, I'm missing the tension and the "so what," factor. It feels less like some grand experiment and more like like one big dinner party at a trendy pop up restaurant in New York. With an app.

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