It's getting so you can't go to the cinema any more with some stunt being pulled on you. But in this case it's quite a fun one. For Valentine's Day, Grand Cinemas took three couples who were attending a movie, and gave them each a glimpse into the future. Two actors played a version of themselves thirty years form now. They recounted the story of how they met. And then for the big reveal, the husband who seems so cold and indifferent to his wife, shows her he's kept a photo of the two of of them on his phone all this time. The photo is of course one of the young couple in the theater.
Nice idea that films are more than films. They can transport us. Check out one of the films as it aired here.

Client: Grand Cinema and More Agency: Jazz Communication Valentin Suciu - Creative Partner Simona Suman - Group Creative Director Andrei Stanciu - Copywriter Alexandru Buta - Art Director Loredana Saru – Group Client Service Director Georgiana Rotaru – Account Manager Nicoleta Dumitru – Account Executive