Here's a super cute story that was part of a stunt for Grand Cinemas done in Romania over Valentine's Day. Three unsuspecting couples attended a movie, and then watched themselves thirty years into the future. The wife asks, "Do you remember how we met?" Which is probably more like "Do you even remember how we met?" Because the husband no seems indifferent. She prompts him and then tells him how they met, and of course the young couple in the theater start to put two and two together. But of course the big reveal comes when the woman on screen is so furious at him for seeming not to care. He then shows her a photo he's kept all these years of the two of them when they were first dating. And of course it's a photo of the couple in the theater." So it's a little heartfelt, a little touching, and a little dorky. But hey, that's what love is, right?

Client: Grand Cinema and More Agency: Jazz Communication Valentin Suciu - Creative Partner Simona Suman - Group Creative Director Andrei Stanciu - Copywriter Alexandru Buta - Art Director Loredana Saru – Group Client Service Director Georgiana Rotaru – Account Manager Nicoleta Dumitru – Account Executive