Presenting a comedy about what you need to do to save the Arctic. It's supposed to explain to you at the end of the spot that everything the hapless business owner says was something that the Arctic 30 actually went through to try and save the Arctic, by...putting a banner on an oil rig.

Arctic 30. How is it that activists, hacktivists and and eco-terrorists, always have a branded name? Is there some agency helping with this?

Anyway, they Greenpeace eco-activists got their boat in the way of another boat where they were blasted by water cannons, shot at, and eventually arrested and detained in a Russian prison for two months. Really? In Russia?! I don't believe it.

My problem with this spot isn't the content or the message. My problem it that it just really isn't funny at all. Also it is 3:30 minutes too long.

Spots aside, if anyone is wondering, all of the Arctic 30, were released, due to international pressure. What's more, they're even getting their boat back, too. No doubt I'm sure they've learned a lesson and will devise different methods of creating awareness instead of PR-generating stunts.

Oh, who am I kidding.

Client: Greenpeace Director: Olivier Agostini Writer: Olivier Agostini Production Agency / Concept: Future Camp Production Company: Future Camp in association with Greenpoint Pictures Creative Director: James Turner Art Director: Iris Andrews “Gary”: Dennis Delsing “Dina”: Barbara Conway “Tony”: Myles Cranford VO: James Turner Producer: Rebekah Sindoris Production Coordinator: Karen Henry Assistant Production Coordinator: Roman Guisset 1st AD: Stephanie Cluff DOP: Chris Saul 1st AC: Kyle Wright D.I.T.: Earl Fulcher Gaffer: Team Bashet BB Electric: Zak Hindle Key Grip: Matthew Brown Swing/Grip/Elec: Matthew Siriouthay Art Director: Jessica Manke Set Dresser: Noam Karl Set Dresser: Heather Drouillard Set Dresser: Brad Salo Art PA: Carli Barajas Stylist: Erika Melody Frank Wardrobe PA: Cherish Lee Crum Sound Mixer: Josh Chavez SFX: Joel Gerlach Editor: Olivier Agostini & Aron Rosenthal Post: C03 Color Correction: C03

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