Beautiful images of the tides going up and down set to the sound of breathing.

Ad agency: Pubilicis Mojo (NZ)
Production Co: Revolver Film (Australia)
Creative Director: Lachlan MacPherson, Nick Worthington
Director: Rey Carlson
Producer: Taryn Gold, Michael Ritchie
Editor: Richard Learoyd
Agency Producer: Corey Esse, Jodie Hari, Colin Hickson
Production: Revolver Film (Australia)
Agency: Publicis Mojo (New Zealand)
Post Production: Animal Logic (Australia), the Whitehouse (USA)

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  • Dabitch's picture

    Yep. Th esimplest ideas are alaways the best. A bit too long though.

    Sep 22, 2006
  • shmulikber's picture

    agree with dab... thank g-d for ngo clients! :)

    Sep 25, 2006

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