Russian app developers Heads and Hands have created something pretty neat for Grolsch. Namely, a movie unlocker.

We've all seen the promotion on drinks that have a series of codes under the cap that allows someone to get a reward, but only when they enter in the code. The one that comes to ind like this is Coke Rewards. Heads and Hands thought the whole code-entering part was a waste of time, so they made it simpler: They created a one-touch version, that allows people to watch "unlock" movies.

Using radio signals, the beer bottle transmits from beacon located under the bottle top to the device you wish to watch the movie on. To make sure it doesn't go off whenever, they put a special sticker that blocks the radio frequency from being identified by the device. So it only works when you want it to.

When the bottle is opened, the beacon is activated and sends a signal to a server with a previously registered serial number. If there is a match between this and a number in the database, the server confirms a successful connection. This verification process then allows a user to unlock their chosen movie

Alexander Semenov -- CEO, Heads and Hands Ilya Burakov -- Art-director Anton Maksimov -- IT-director Alexey Efremov -- Senior front-end developer Igor Glushkov -- Developer Alexander Maslennikov — Developer

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