Sometimes I really love the short description that comes with the films. Like this one;

They used a new camera technique which basically had the camera strapped into the woman's crotch -like a camera nappy.

I mean, seriously, when you woke up this morning did you think that you'd get to read the words "camera-nappy" today? We live a great life people!
the description continues:

It's a female Dutch creative team and a female Dutch agency head of Broadcast (see credits attached). The two British ECDs at GREY Amsterdam, who joined six months ago, are Seyoan Vela and Colin Lamberton. The spot is directed by Robert Nylund.

I can't help but think they're stressing that "Female creative team" bit so much because a) female creative teams are still few and far between and b) nobody is gonna believe it.
Elisa explains why she came up with the idea of showing everything from the point of view of a womans vagina: “This commercial takes Lactacyd from feeling like a medical product to feeling like an essential part of a woman’s personal care routine. It’s unapologetic and instead unashamedly confident and energetic in the way women today are.” . I had no idea that this soap had a "medical product" image. Swedes are involved in this as well, since Klas Åhlund, the former guitarist in the band Teddybears STHLM, has set the sound to this "day in the life of a Vajayjay" film.

Launch date 15/01/2009
Territories Netherlands and Belgium
First air date by country
15/01/2009 NL & 19/01/2009 BE
Duration of campaign : 1 year

Advertising Agency: GREY Amsterdam
Synopsis of TV spot Lots of women do not protect their vagina like she deserves. It would start a revolution if they could experience a day from the point of view of the vagina.

Creative Directors : Seyoan Vela, Colin Lamberton, Ecco Vos, Richard Hol Copywriter/ Art Director : Elisa Beenakker Art Director : Dagmare van Willigenburg Account team _ Hans van Avendonk, Wouter Houtman, Silvia Lenberger Agency Producer - Marije de Graaff Production Company - FatFred Director - Robert Nylund DOP - Gosta Reiland Prod. Company Producer - Suzanne Huisman Post Production Company - Valkieser Capital Images Editor - Johan Wik Flame operator - Hans Loosman & Tim van Paassen Colorist - Martijn de Haas Post Production Producer - Soeren Smidt Music Prod. Company - Earforce Sound Design & Mix - Reinder van Zalk @ Earforce Music Track - Klas Åhlund/ Universal

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