Ad agency: firox communication

agency: firox communication, thomas kastenhofer, [email protected]

script: goviral denmark, balder olrik, claus moseholm,

director: oliver kartak

camera: hubert doppler aac

production: Stalkerfilm, Modern Media Studios

sound: thomas nordwest

team: Igor Orovac, Wolfgang Neugebauer, Zepp Berensmeier, Karin Tonsern, Lukas Gronsteiner, , Odo Grötschnig, Conrad Reinhardt, Marcela Selinger, Sammy Zayed, Barbara Zach, Esther Vörösmarty

actors:Monika Hickl, Meggi Federsel, Nikolaus Etllinger, Vitus Wieser


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    Huh? Now where did that product link come from?

    Nov 12, 2006

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