Gulaku Sugar - Candy Store / Sugar Sugar - (2009) :45 (Indonesia)

Basically, a 45 second version of the Indonesia Wolly Wonka candy factory set to "Sugar Sugar". Man those kids are buzzed. :)

Client: PT Sugar Group Companies Agency: Blue Circle Advertising Production Company: Zoom Film & Television (AU) /Seven Sunday Films (INDO) Director : Mark Toia Axel Schmidt and Brendan Goodenough (Creative Director) Rachel Srisumarsih & Rodney L Vincent (Producer) Visual Effects Post: Cutting Edge VFX Supervision: Ben Folkman & Jeff Gaunt VFX Producer: Melanie Byers Layout / Design: Ian Anderson 3D Artists: Kosta Lagis, Nick Angus, Duncan McDonald, Rob Conn, Ben Folkman, Richard Deavin, Stef Litterini, Andrew Kimberley, James Dunlop, Patrick Felgularus, Scott Thomas, Jostein Finnekasa Mattepaint: Daniel Cox Lead Compositor: Matt Chance Shake Compositors: Emma Clifton, Tim Walker, Alicia Aguilera, Luke Parsons Inferno Compositor: Steve Leacey Inferno: Urs Furrer Colourist: Scott Harris
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