You'd have to be a Blockhead not to find this ad more than just a bit charming.

I'm getting sick of watching oh-so-clever ads from big shops, big expensive sixty second ads that don't sell the actual product. You know the ones I mean. The ones where we can all remember the content of the ad afterwards but not the actual product it was advertising. "Yeah, did you see that funny ad mate? The one with the llama ice skating. What was that for? And then when it went up in the hot air balloon... Oh my god! What was that about?" No one knows.

But what is this advert about? It's about Gumtree, a service where you can easily buy and sell. According to their website: " is the UK's no.1 classifieds website, bringing together millions of buyers and sellers every month." And you understand that from the ad, don't you? My Dad was watching this earlier and he sang-along at the 'One, Two, Three' bit. He's going to start using your site now, probably. Job done.

Will this win any awards? Will it be Campaign's 'Ad of the Week'. No. It's more likely to be the next 'Turkey of the Week'. But make no mistake, this is a good ad. Because it's actually using all 30 of its seconds to sell a product. Sadly, there's no Lion for this sort of material. Better luck next time chaps. Try a ferret in pajamas.

Client: Gumtree Agency: Fold7