This delightfully styled animation contains no less than 520 model cobs of corn, 500 miniature stalks of wheat and it took 14 hour days spread over two months to make this happen. It shows a farmer and the corn he grows, the things he does, but all of that is just part of a chain. Seasons change, day turns to night, the cycle cycles - and how lovely is that sky? The farmer is part of the ecological cycle, we're all familiar with growing and then resting the fields, but did you ever consider that the farms cycle reaches all the way to space? He's the man who feeds the men who are building the rocket.

Advertising Agency: Lowe and Partners, South Africa Creative Director: Kirk Gainsford Art Director: Bruce Harris Copywriter: Alistair Morgan Production: Amicollective Director: Ruan Vermeulen Producer: Vanessa McGowan