So the tough guy on campus in hanging around making weird noises aimed at his phone.. What gives? Two other tough guys walk up demanding to know "What are you doing, man?" He explains "....It's my dog..." They all agree the dog is cute and the payoff arrives: Lovebomb someone with Halebop - unlimited facetime / sms / data etc.

I give props to the agency for staying consistent with their low budget black and white films, and the teenager situations with a twist. Their casting choices are the intended consumer as Halebop asks their customs to send in audition clips, their places are usually schools or dressing rooms, and the lines are always how kids today would speak. In fact, I don't think adults* get this campaign at all, which just goes to show you how good it is in speaking to its intended target.

* I don't count as an adult, I work in advertising.

Client: Halebop Ad agency: Honesty

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