Jonas Åkerlund got Halle Berry and Stephen Dorff into a room at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, where Stephen Dorff asks Berry a series of intimate questions. Her answers aren't always verbal, sometimes only gestures, a smile, a look. Berry shares,

“It involved less acting than my other because I got to be myself. I got to answer questions honestly, with my own sense of mystery, with my own wonderment about the world. I got to expose a part of my real self.”

How apropos that she reveals herself as she launches her perfume, "Reveal".

The editing was done by Richard Cooperman of Solid, aiming to capture the intimacy of the session.

“I approached the piece with a non-linear editing style, based on the chemistry of the actors and the style of shooting,” says Cooperman. “I referenced the love scene from Steven Soderbergh's, Out of Sight, between George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez. In this scene, thoughts are not only conveyed by words, but by gestures, and the character's emotions become more truthful. This was the case with Halle as well. The challenge was to convey an air of confidence and elegance, while also capturing Halle’s humility. She is a successful actress, but also a mother.”

Director: Jonas Åkerlund Editor: Richard Cooperman Agency Creative Director: Hans Dorsinville Agency Producer: Leigh Donaldson Producer: Brian Welsh Assistant Editor: Zach Vandik

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