In this spot for Halo Wars 2, Captain Cutter is sure he's got General Atriox beat-- at negotiating to buy a used car.
"I'll open with an early withdrawal. You'll counter with a disinformation campaign. Then I'll bait you with psychological warfare. Which will bring verbal assault. With collateral damage. The evidence of which will not look good in my online review. That's how I'll get this car for 3k."
Little does he know, Atriox has sold him a lemon. Too bad he didn't sign the warrantee.
This spot, like the second in the campaign where the two fight over an arm rest on an airplane is chalk full of humor, taking the "Know your enemy," concept to real-life situations with great effect. While I like the humor in both, I think this one is stronger, if only because they aren't confined to one row and the location changes, are hilarious. I especially like the all-too real scenario of Cutter filming Atriox as he goes on an angry tirade, almost dropping an F bomb before realize a dad and daughter are nearby.
Actually, one of my favorite things about this spot is Atriox's choice of tie. It's appropriately smarmy. See, kids? Don't ever discount props or wardrobe when making a funny spot.

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