For this campaign, Mistress followed college football fan influencers as they went to early season games, staying at Hampton Inn, and documenting their travels using the hashtag #Hamptonality.

The thirty second spot is cute. Nice music choice. I notice the instaviners don't feature any vomiting, or nefarious shenanigans though. I thought it was for college football?

I was really interested in following along and getting to know more about these cool kids.

My favorite quote is from Oliviab33, "free hot breakfast and so many yummy options! @hampton!"
Oliviab33, by the way, is a photographer based in Brooklyn. I checked her profile page and can't find that post anywhere though.

I checked out Jerome Bauersfeld but he either deleted his Vine, or has it private.

And Andria Diamond doesn't exist on Twitter either. What a bummer.

How am I supposed to follow along with these influencers! Gah! I hate it when that happens!

Agency: Mistress Production Company: Fake Love and Bastard Photographers: Pierre Aroux and Jay Sauceda Editorial: Final Cut Editors: Hal Honigsberg and Christopher Amos Audio Studio: Lime Studios Music Track: I Will Return by Beth Jeans Houghton

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  • Andria Diamond's picture
    Andria Diamond (not verified)

    I exist! Haha I somehow stumbled across this page just now. They used a fake Twitter name for the commercial for privacy reasons. But you can find me on Twitter @andriadiamond :) I had a great time shooting this commercial with their team. Good memories!

    Dec 06, 2016
  • Andria Diamond's picture
    Andria Diamond (not verified)

    @andria_diamond **
    My other social media handles are without an underscore. My apologies!

    Dec 06, 2016

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