Hansaplast - My mum said.. - (2004) 0:60 (France)


Hansaplast - My mum said.. - (2004) 0:60 (France)

Do not argue with this little punk.

Directed by Frank Devos
Agency: TBWA Paris
Creative Director: Erik Vervroegen
Creative team: Chis Garbutt/Matthew Branning
Production Company: LA MEME PRODUCTION/LOVO FILMS, Paris

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ahahhah :D
wild imagination: how long was he's mom doing 'that' :P

Almost as funny as Push It which made me laugh out loud.

perfect casting. The mother has learned from her mistake and now uses condoms. ;)

agreed, the kid is perfectly annoying in a brat kind of way..... :p

Here's what should be added to the mix:

(Kid hacking into an ad agency.)
"My mom said I could!," The boy said to the owner over the webcam!

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