Everyone deserves a break, including Helen who needs to get swept away by some romance novels. I like how Harlequin is very tongue in cheek here. They know their audience and the reason people read the books. And it ain't for the deep philosophical subjects, let me tell you. This spot's written better than the books, too. "Everyone deserves a romantic getaway and you just scored front row seats to the smoke show." I have no idea what that means but I know exactly what that means. Ha.

Client: Harlequin Enterprises Vice President, Single Title Marketing: Stacy Widdrington Creative Director, Romance Fiction: Tony Horvath Director, Digital Products: Farah Mullick Director, Romance Publicity, Partnerships & Events: Michelle Renaud Product Manager, Retail Marketing: Shana Mongroo Agency: BBDO Toronto SVP, Executive Creative Director: Denise Rossetto SVP, Executive Creative Director: Todd Mackie VP, ACD, Art Director: Linda Carte VP, ACD, Copywriter: Irfan Khan Broadcast Producer: Jennifer Morrison Account Director: Paul Forrest Account Executive: Zach Kula Production Company: Partners Film Executive Producer: Gigi Realini Directors: Ben/Dave Producer: Andrew Sulliman DOP: André Pienaar Post House: Saints Editorial Executive Producer: Michelle Rich Editor: Griff Henderson Assistant Editor: Tim MacLennan Audio House: Ricochet Post Productions Executive Producer: Mary Beth O’Dell Audio Production Manager: Mike Rosnick

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