Tool Director Geordie Stephens recently teamed up with Victors & Spoils to helm a pair of freewheeling spots for Harley-Davidson.
Liberation highlights the feel-good efforts of a swaggering Harley humanitarian, who struts past a group of caged dogs outside a pet store with an armload of leashes. The leather-bound savior then performs a mass rescue, revving his bike to bring the cage doors exploding off their hinges. He rides proudly off, his canine entourage running at his side. "Now, with even more power," a narrator boasts of the new Harley models. Indeed.

Client: Harley-Davidson
Spot Title(s): Liberation, Unchained
Air Date: August 2011

Agency: Victors & Spoils
ECD: Evan Fry
CD: Noah Clark
EP: Eric Rasco
Account Director: Sarah Holbrook

Prod Co: Tool
Director: Geordie Stephens
EP(s): Brian Latt, Oliver Fuselier
EP Digital: Dustin Callif

Editorial Co: Number Six LA
Editor: Kevin Zimmerman
EP: Crissy DeSimone

Post/Effects Co: Method
VFX Supervisor: Rob Hodgson
Lead Flame: Pierre LaQuerre
EP: Robert Owens
Producer: Cara Farnsworth

Telecine: CO3
Colorist(s): Sean Coleman, Siggy Ferstl

Music Co: Noiselab Music

Sound Design Co: Soundelux DMG
Sound Designer: Masanobu Tomita

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