Oh man, these titles have it all and I thought Digital Kitchen were already awesome last year with Dexter«s titles. Here we have rattle snakes in slow-mo, women in black lingerie, baby Klan members, roadkill, pool-table makeout sessions, gospel church dancing and lovely drive-by shots of southern town houses that have seen better days. It«s a long sex vs religion, good vs bad, night vs day trip in a car set to a great tune. Fab! The Tru Blood ad campaign with the french ad and the US beer ad spoof are miles away from here.

Client: HBO
Creator/Director: Alan Ball
Production Company: Digital Kitchen, Los Angeles
Concept: Rama Allen, Shawn Fedorchuck
Creative Director: Matthew Mulder
Designers: Rama Allen, Ryan Gagnier, Matthew Mulder, Camm Rowland, Ryan Rothermel
Editor: Shawn Fedorchuck
Compositors: Ryan Gagnier
Live Action Direction: Rama Allen, Morgan Henry, Matthew Mulder, Matt Clark, Tevor Fife
Producers: Morgan Henry, Kipp Christiansen, Keir Moreno Executive Producer/Head of Creative: Mark Bashore Executive Creative Director: Paul Matthaeus


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  • Stupid's picture

    I love it! Fantastic mood and style. Thanks!

    Sep 18, 2008

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