HEAD Speed Lessons - The Service - (2009) :30 (Germany)


HEAD Speed Lessons - The Service - (2009) :30 (Germany)

Aimaq Rapp Stolle Werbeagentur, Berlin, Germany animate Novak Djokovic's advice into speed lessons with the help of Alexander Butera for HEAD.

Advertised brand: HEAD
Advert title(s): Speed Lessons – The Service, Speed Lessons – The Return,
Speed Lessons – The Smash
Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country): Aimaq Rapp Stolle Werbeagentur,
Berlin, Germany
Agency website: http://www.ars-berlin.com
Executive Creative Director: André Aimaq
Creative Director: Christian Jakimowitsch, Marian Goetz, Jan Lucas
Art Director: Christian Jakimowitsch, Mario Nussbaumer
Copywriter: Christian Schuck, Marian Goetz
Illustrator: Alexander Butera
Animation: Alexander Butera
Junior Art Director: Andreas Voegel
Producer: Hanna Stueven, Uwe Flade, Ivonne Hansel
Production Company: Shapeminds & Moving Images GmbH
Music & Audiodesign: Markus Krane, Axel Rabe, Daniel Eberle (Krane & Rabe
Accountant: Daniella Rote, Marijana Kelava
Executive Planning Director: Alexander Jordan
Released: Feb, 2009


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