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Huggies - Chic in my pants / Jean Diapers - (2010) :30

Huggies - Chic in my pants  / Jean Diapers - (2010) :30

For a limited time this summer, your toddler can strut their cool stuff in Huggies Jeans Diapers.


Huggies - Jeans Diapers - print

Now that Kimberley Clark/Huggies has released this limited edition jeans-inspired diaper line, I'm confused as to what category to put this in. It become "wear and bling" doesn't it?


Y&R Lima - League Against Cancer - Baby

The child's voice says:

I'm here inside of you
but you don't know it yet
and that's why every day I get a little bigger.
Sometimes, when you suspect I'm here,
you touch yourself, and try to feel me,
expecting me to give you a sign of life
as if I was going to give you a little kick, or something.
But I'm safely hidden, and getting bigger and bigger.
And your hands are nothing but a gentle caress.
I know that when I grow really big,
you'll give up your life for me.

Male VO: Breast cancer can be growing inside of you. Spot it with a mammography.
Peruvian League against cancer.

credits -
ECD: Flavio Pantigoso
HoA: Tin Sanchez
Creative Team: Daniel Lobatón, Hiroshi Sagawa
Sound: Vinylo


Marie Stopes International - "Are you late?" - (2010) :30

  Marie Stopes International - "Are you late?" - (2010) :30

For the first time ever, a commercial for unplanned pregnancy and abortion advisory services will be aired on British television. The commercial, to be screened first on Channel 4 at 10.10pm on 24th May 2010, is part of a new campaign by Marie Stopes International, the UKs leading provider of sexual health services outside of the NHS.

This historic ad is not without controversy, and will not air in northern Ireland due to legal issues says channel 4.

Millions of people in England, Scotland and Wales will be able to watch the commercial for Marie Stopes International on Channel 4 at 10.10pm tonight.


Otrivin - Let the sea help you breathe

Otrivin is a nasal decongestant, and tis campaign visualises my nightmares, sorry, that the sea can help you breathe. You might end up looking like Poseidon's bastard child, but hey, at least you can breathe, right? Just hang out next to Lady Gaga when she wears that lobster hat, nobody will notice.


Young Lions Bulgarian Winner

We didn't manage to find Bulgaria in the list of countries to choose from, so thank you Argentina for creating such great ads.


1-800 Contacts - Special Eyes - (2010) :30

1-800 Contacts - Special Eyes - (2010) :30

Man fears that 1-800 contact will not have his special brand, for his special eyes. He is wrong.


1-800 Contacts - Twins - (2010) :30

1-800 Contacts - Twins - (2010) :30

"You are NOT my real brother."


Young Creatives Poland Winner

Jury tells us that this is stupid to write claim on that ad. What you think?


The math is simple.

How can we show students that is important to be aware with the environment without being boring?

Showing them that, to have paper, trees needed to be cutted.

The math is simple: more paper, less trees.

And how can it be different? Simple.