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ADLINE / Combat life's challenges

"Combat Life's Challenges With Your Good Health."

In this case, I assume one of life's challenges includes being a disembodied head stuck in an overly retouched photo of the sea.

revita escalator

Revita Beauty Centre - Shiatzu / Relax - escalator ad, Brazil

Well, we've seen quite a few escalator ads at this point (*linkies) - and some do better than others. This is not one of my favorites, I think I'd find it a little creepy walking on someone - people do avoid that if they can, a phenomena already mentioned in the comments to the Juicy Hair Salon ad.


Aquafresh Flex Direct Toothbrush - Ultra Bency - print, Hong Kong

I still don't know why a flexy bendable toothbrush is an advantage when cleaning my teeth, and thus why I should bother buying it, but I find looking at this tooth-brush-mohawked dude a rather interesting visual. Do I get one of these guys if I buy a brush? In that case, sold! Grey Hong Kong created it.


Durex Play Lubricant - Piano, Phonebox, Canoe - print, New Zealand

I dunno about you, but I've never thought "I'm so randy I could hump a phonebox". But hey, different strokes I guess. DDB New Zealand had some fun creating ads to promote Durex Play Lubricant that ran at the Erotica Lifestyle Expo, which celebrates sex in all the kinky forms it comes in.


Lasik Surgery Clinic - Sharpener - print, Philippines

Lasik Surgery Clinic specializes in Laser Vision Correction, and visual solutions, too.


Love Condoms - Penis personalities / Icedick, Hot Shot, Arnold, John, Bill - print, Belgium

Larger link to image above number 1Larger ink to image above number 2
In this campaign we have penis-personalities. Everyone from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to billionaire Bill Gates. With a bit of John Lennon and Top Gun Iceman thrown in for good measure. Or is that Icedick? eeew.


Mercedes-Benz & Pink Ribbon - Crash test - print, The Netherlands

Some things should be tested by experts. Please let a stranger fondle your boobs today! ;P

FHV BBDO Amsterdam
Jaap Vliegenthart : Photographer
Souverein : Retoucher
Mark Muller : CD/Copywriter
Joris van Elk : Art Director


ENO - Buffet - print, China

Grey Hong Kong serve up a buffet complete with Eno to help with your indigestion. It's like a trip back to advertising anno 1982!


Citra Whitening Body wash - Rubberducky - print, Indonesia

Unilever - you know, the people with both Dove and Axe in their product portfolio also sell stuff that makes yellow duckies white. Citra Whitening Body wash "whitens beautiful skin in the bath". Because god forbid we stay looking the way we do, which reminds me I need to get some Dove Summer Glow Body Tanning Lotion so that I stop looking like the lily-white redhead that I am. From Lowe Indonesia.


Virgin Active - Gym, Wrinkly, Banana - Press, Australia

Publicis Mojo Sydney announce the arrival of two Virgin Active Health Clubs in Sydney and Melbourne.