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cavity locker

Elmex - Cavity Lockers - ambient, Israel

Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y&R Interactive built specially designer lockers for 15 of the most popular gyms in the the Tel Avis area to remind people that a healthy body deserves a healthy smile as well.


Novartis Calcium Sandoz - Bone Bridge Pillar - ambient, India

Advertising is everywhere in India it seems. Here even the pole holding up a bridge has been fitted with extra curves in order to become a bone advertising Calcium enriched Sandoz for strong bones. Saatchi & Saatchi Mumbai push the ambient advertising limits.

Clearex – acne treatment gel

Clearex – acne treatment gel - Pimple Climbing - billboard, Israel

So this guy is climbing up a wall. On pimples. A wall of pimples. This is the new ambient work for Clearex – Acne treatment gel in Israel.

Allow me to be the first one to say... eeeeeeeeeeew!. ;))


Dentiste - Forever Love - (2009) :45 (Thailand) Eng. sub.

Dentiste - Forever Love - (2009) :45 (Thailand) Eng. sub.

Good morning stinky breath!

DRAFTFCB Puerto Rico

Glade SC Johnson - Seismometer , print Puerto Rico

Hot dang, that's a nice visual which I haven't seen before. (I haven't! Looking at it it seems that I should have though, right? So spot on.) WIth Sismógrafo DRAFTFCB Puerto Rico want you to take away that the fragrance is motion activated. Clever.


Garnier - Forest - print, India

Really REALLY strong hair. We get it. Ogilvy and Mather India went out to the forest and made a hair-bow (heh) to prove their point.


Visine Natural Formula - Movie, Bed, Kitchen - print USA

"Natural formula, don't ask how". I'll tell you how, Visine regurlarly sends a posse of fairies over here to force me to watch GoDaddy ads and I cry out of pure frustration.


Parissa Wax Strips - Backvertising - ambient Canada

Move over assvertising, spankvertising, headvertising and pregverts and all those other body parts that we've used for advertising before - here comes backvertising, waxing in a message into a hairy back to demonstrate the effectiveness of those wax strips. I feel sorry for the poor dude. Rethink Vancouver tortured the fella and sent him out on the beaches to show the results. (and demonstrate the product on the brave)

man trap

Random House - Man Trap - ambient, New Zealand

Girlfriend. Random house has published a step-by-step guide that helps you get the man you want - 150 ideas for dates, conversation and fun. You can diet, wax and workout. You can be the perfect date. You can learn all about how men work, what they are looking for in a relationship, and how to make sure the man you want sees you.


Durex - qui donnent envie / desire - (2009) :50 (France)

Durex - qui donnent envie / desire - (2009) :50 (France)

Durex wants you to share intimate moments.