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Visine - Dry eye relief stencil - ambient, Australia

Johnson & Johnson's Visine and JWT Sydney have made topical street stencil ads, after the recent dust Storms in Australia. For another topical dust storm ad, see the Wayside Chapel - Last night print ad.

The position of the rider
The position of doggy style
The position of the little toad

La Condoneria - RUB-IT! print , Spain

Rub-it! (Doggy style, The little toad & The rider), La Condoneria (The condom shop), Barcelona

A small metaphor of the condoms like rubber gum. And his utilization 'to erase' evidences. The copywrite Rub-it!, also being a part of the slang in the pornographic industry, it refers to erase it, and in turn, as pronunciation or sound to the word Rabbit and the topic that prays ' to fuck as rabbits '.


Pharma Agency Ad Not So Pharma-Looking

Okay. You get submissions all the time. And I know 99% of them probably don’t merit the time it takes to look at the jpeg.

But I think this does.

It’s a new one for our agency, MicroMass. Now what makes this ad so different is that our agency currently specializes in…pharmaceutical marketing. We don’t do the pap you see on American tv, but under the radar stuff that only doctors and patients see. Anyway, we thought this was a campaign with an intelligent and straightforward voice in an industry cursed with terrible puns, stock photography and tortured metaphors.


Clearex - Tattoos (2009) Print (Israel)

The folks at Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y&R Interactive Tel Aviv have sent us a follow up to their Pimple Climbing Billboard with a series of ads for Clearex Acne Treatment Gel entitled Dolphin, Pacman and Car.

Elmex Bus Tickets

TEVA Elmex – Bus Ticket - ambient, Israel

Elmex toothpaste promises less cavities. It demonstrates this by advertising on bus tickets, that are clipped.....

Elmex – Bus Ticket
Client: Teva
Advertising Agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y&R Interactive Tel Aviv
Date: July 2009 and ongoing


Nicorette - Ninjas - (2009) :30 (Australia)

Nicorette - Ninjas - (2009) :30 (Australia)

Ninjas aye? A lot better than the chewing camel we've seen for the same brand a few years back here in Sweden. Clemenger BBDO Sydney adds a little "Hi-yah!" to your fight against cravings.


Givenchy - Uma Thurman Ange ou Demon Le Secret /Angel and Demon - (2009) :30 (USA)

Givenchy - Uma Thurman Ange ou Demon Le Secret  /Angel and Demon - (2009) :30 (USA)

Givency have Uma Turman break out her best silent-movie acting chops to depict a woman who looks both like an angel and a demon, when she wears Ange ou Demon


Siren by Paris Hilton - print, USA

There are too many jokes on fishy smells here, I'd rather not say anything.

It's described as " tropical floral fragrance with notes of vanilla bean and creamy musk " which sounds like a turnoff in itself.

Tena Evolution print

TENA - Evolution - print Canada

This is the print ad that goes with the TENA - Evolution commercial. Less exiting but placed in womens magazines, a simple portrait of three generations of women does stand out.


Kiwi - Hotel hots - (2009) :30 (Norway)

Kiwi - Hotel hots - (2009) :30 (Norway)

This one might be the most successful ad of the bunch, hot couple in love can't keep their hands off each other - which alerts the stork...

Tagline: Suddenly every 4. pack of diapers for free is a nice thing.