100,000 people suffer from eating disorders like anorexia in Sweden. To garner some press and create awareness about this problem, Gothenburg-based agency Shout, created an online fashion store with only size zero outfits for Healthy & Free, an organization that promotes healthy lifestyles.
The idea was to highlight the absurd attitude concerning beauty in society, as propagated by the media. They then revealed their true mission was to create awareness about eating disorders.

With the help of some Swedish celebrities who took a stand against the issue, the campaign reached 8 million people, doubled volunteer efforts and a lot more.

This is the case study.

Advertising Agency: Shout, Gothenburg, Sweden Agency website: http://www.shout.se Copywriter: Pontus Caresten Art Directors: Calle Österberg, Stefan Parkbring Production Manager: Therese Berglund Final Art: Johanna Levin Retouch: Malin Svensson Digital production: 2Creative Film production: Is this it Music: Synkop

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