Healthy Choice - Customer Service / Truth at the office


Healthy Choice - Customer Service / Truth at the office

SapientNitro launched the "Honest-to-Goodness" TV campaign for Healthy Choice this week, and in the two spots we find a world without verbal filters. Like the food, it's both crisp, and honest. Props for the way these actors delivers the punchline-ending "that's why I stopped sucking up to you for that raise" - "I do miss that"

See also The trust fun baby only here because of his dad stealing food in the lawyers office.

Client: CongAra
Agency: SapientNitro

Kathy Delaney : Chief Creative Officer
Chris McMurtrey : Creative Director
scott higgins : Creative Director
Anna Echiverri : Copywriter / Art Director
Annie Chiu : Copywriter / Art Director
Margaux Ravis : Producer



Somebody really liked "Truth in Advertising."

Yes, Truth in advertising did come to mind.

Truth in Advertising

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