Heineken "The Experiment" (2014) 2:20 (Italy)


Heineken "The Experiment" (2014) 2:20 (Italy)

Here's a responsible drinking campaign from Heineken from Publicis Milan, starring DJ Armin Van Buuren. The idea was simple-- if the DJ's play banging music, people will drink slower and dance more.
In other words, it's not your fault if you binge drink. It's the DJ's fault.


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Client: Heineken International
Agency: Publicis Milan
Production: Partizan Darkroom
Country: Italy
Director: Philip Andelman
Creative Director: Bruno Bertelli
Creative Director: Cristiana Boccassini
Copywriter: Michele Picci
Art Director: Valeria Vanzulli
Graphic Designer: Gianluca Chinnici
Account Director: David Pagnoni
Agency Producer: Mariella Maiorano
Creative supervisor: Fabrizio Tamagni, Michela Talamona
DoP: Stephan Vallée
Executive Producer: Robin Accard
Producer: Magali Selosse-Bishop
Editor: Maxime Pozzi Garcia - Fabrizio Squeo
Music: Save My Night by Armin Van Buuren


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