Heineken Light / Neil Patrick Harris / Party - (2014) :45 (USA)

Due to complicated broadcast regulations, Neil Patrick Harris is not allowed to drink Heineken Light on camera. This annoys him so. Your like or dislike of this very traditional celebrity spokesperson campaign idea rests entirely on how much you love Neil Patrick Harris. In the US he is much loved, as he's too chill to be punk'd, and keeps spreading the glam on awards shows (even the ones he doesn't host). No beers were consumed in the making of this commercial, and we all think that's a shame.

See also Director and Rules.

Agency Wieden + Kennedy, Portland Director : Tom Scharpling Executive Creative Director: Susan Hoffman Executive Creative Director: David Kolbusz Creative Director: Eric Steele Creative Director: Erik Norin Art Director: Zack Menna, David Suarez, Cory Everett Copywriter : Nathaniel Lawlor, Maddison Bradley, Danny Gonzalez, Mike Vitiello Art Director, Croix Gagnon, Jon Robbins Producer: Orlee Tatarka Producer : Jen Vladimirsky
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