"Heineken is the sponsor of Flow Festival 2011. To make the most out of the sponsorship, 358, Helsinki set the bar high: Let's come up with something so interesting that it will become an integral part of the uncompromising festival's programme. The idea, Heineken Open Source Stage, is based on open source principles and Facebook liking. It is not only part of the programme but it's also part of the festival site. Now the crowd can suggest anything and like any ideas they see. Within the first week and a half the site got 150,000 visits, the visitors made 2,000 suggestions for acts and their ideas were liked 14,500 times. That's pretty good for a hipster festival in a city of 500,000 people."

Creative Director: Erkki Izarra Art Directors: Leo Karhunen , Maria Fridman , Ville Kovanen Illustrator: Leo Karhunen Webmaster: Leo Karhunen Copywriter: Valtteri Väkevä Client Team Director: Robert From Producer: Petra Yli-Hemminki PR Creative: Anna Lundqvist Interactive Creative: Jani Järvinen / Byro

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