As part of The Takeover, the crowd at a Heineken music event is given the power to decide which tracks get played next. Every member of the audience receives a voting device on their Heineken bottle upon purchase, which can be activated at the push of a button to emit a green or red glow. By raising their red or green lit bottles in the air during voting moments, the audience chooses between two songs shown on a large screen. A special camera registers the votes and reflects the crowd’s choice on the screen in real-time, eventually mixing the winning song seamlessly into the set.

A refreshing approach to fostering audience participation and brand engagement, MassiveMusic Amsterdam developed the idea from the early stages in both a creative and technical capacity.

Luc van Stiphout, Account Director at MassiveMusic, says: “It’s been a blast working on this project, all the way from the drawing board to dancefloors across the globe. Every time I see those Heineken bottles light up and rise for the voting moments, I realize we developed a great experience that's really fun to partake in. It’s like a big joint cheers moment, over and over again."

Roeslan Danoekoesoemo, Global Sponsorship Manager at Heineken, says: “We realize live music lovers want to move across different genres and want to actively participate. The Takeover is a truly engaging interactive experience that builds on this, without being intrusive.”

Client: Heineken International Responsible at client: Roeslan Danoekoesoemo, Global Sponsorship Manager Account Director: Luc van Stiphout, MassiveMusic Account Manager: Ebony Tuasela, MassiveMusic Concept & Creative: MassiveMusic Music supervision: MassiveMusic Technical development: Showsync Content Design & Production: Westframe Animation: Boompje