Heineken - The Switch - (2012) :90 (The Netherlands)


Heineken - The Switch - (2012) :90 (The Netherlands)

You've seen The Entrance, you've spied on The Date, now Heineken switches bars on you, transforming a skeevy dive into a high-class jazz-tootin, babe-filled cocktail-style bar. Because the perfect beer calls for the perfect bar. I hope they serve Cosmopolitans.

The music in the spot is served by the suitably named Clairy Browne & the Bangin' Rackettes. The song: Love Letter

Ad agency: TBWA/Neboko
Director: Martin Krejci



What a commercial!!WOW Strong!!

All the more prove that TBWA just isn't Wieden&Kennedy.
You can feel TBWA (that handles the Dutch account) telling Heineken that they too can make an international spot.
They can't.

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