To sell little period kits, discreet boxes of feminine protection and treats that arrive at your doorstep 3-7 days before your next visit from Auntie Flo, Hello Flo tell the story of the camp gyno. Yes, that's the young lass who gets a visit from Flo before everyone else, and thereby becomes the queen bee of camp-womanhood and ruler of the tampons.
It's rather funny, with the young lass describing Hello Flo's kit as "it's like santa for your vagina". Unlike with the free tampons which is advertising supported, you pay for the Hello Flo service. There's also special starter kit for young girls like the ones depicted in the clip, containing both a "get ready guide" for parents and the young girl. Unlike the tampon-queen in the clip, the starter kit starts young girls off with pads. In the end, I think the film might be funnier than the service is useful, I'm spending a lot less than $20 a month on tampons even if I overbuy. Those extra treats in the monthly pack better be worth it.

Production Company: Hayden 5 Media Co-Writer/Co-Director: Jamie Mccelland and Pete Marquis

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