Someone's in a tree, like a Keebler Elf, except they are rambling about somethin'. Then the ad gets super pervy, which is somethin' I could get behind. In fact the concept of starting with "HeluvaGood night for..." would have made a mighty fine campaign, because you can take this anywhere. They made it all food centric of course, to show off all the myriad things you can do with this cheese but let's face it-- the campers are about to have a threesome, and if you don't believe me then why is there a woodpecker sound effect, huh? Pecker? Wood?
I rest my case.

Agency: New Honor Society VP, Group Creative Director: Terry Stewart Creative Director: Tom Nations Agency Producer: Derek Burr Executive Producer: Larry Israel Producer: Beth Martychenko Senior Copywriter: Zack Swyers Production Company: Twist Executive Producer: Alissa Liebert, Jim Geib – President/EP, Amyliz Pera/EP Director: Matt Pittroff Line Producer: Steve Blair