Like any place on earth, Nederlanders die Engels spreken dus een Nederlands accent, but unlike the Swedish one which I can't stand I think the Dutch-English accent is kinda cute. Especially when they say "of" instead of "or" because their synapses just can't handle or being anything but of. So here we're greeted by a Dutch man named Pim de Koel. Yes, De Koel. Pronounced just like cool. According to advertising legend he was born on Queensday, which is one helluva party, and now he's enticing us all to visit Holland. Yes, Holland, not the Netherlands. Rumor has it the people in Eindhoven are scrambling to fire up their own tourism campaign called "visit North Brabant, the original southern cool", but I digress.

Pim de Koel shows us all the Amsterdam has to offer for a good two minutes, and sells the country city of Amsterdam quite well, without a single mention of there's coffee-shops here. There's a fancy airport where you can get a foot massage (seriously which airport does not have this? Doe it have free wifi?). There's world famous art, there's tulips, there's bikes, there's "the nine streets" for cool shopping, there's design, there's great food. Wait, there's great food? You could have fooled me all those years I lived there man.


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