This spot was created by digital production company Off Abbot based in Venice, CA. is yet another internet delivery startup that delivers stuff to people who are too busy to go out and buy it themselves. Presumably people are so busy, and yet tethered to their mobile phones, this is the only way they get acquire various goods and sundries. In it, we watch as a woman falls into a crazy deep cardboard box of stuff until she ends up in a snow covered land with penguins. Why? I have no idea. It's a pretty bland spot that could be for any service including Amazon, and doesn't do much to explain why I should use over any other service. The star of the spot sounds like the's reading off the brief to let us know all of the things carries, but again without giving us one reason to care. What's worse is there is so much branding in the spot, from the box to the watermark, to the way they "mention the brand three times." I always thought digital start up companies were disruptive, but I've heard AM radio spots that are less stereotypical.!

Ad Agency: OffAbbot, Venice, CA Creative Directors: Adam Goldstein, Frank Samuel, Jeff Reed Production Co: OffAbbot, Venice, CA Executive Producer: Justin Towery Editorial: Spotwelders, Venice, CA Editor: Erin Nordstrom Post/VFX: Brickyard, Santa Monica, CA Audio Post: Eleven Sound, Santa Monica, CA