Honda Civic - To Each Their Own "Zombie" - (2011) :30 (USA)


Honda Civic - To Each Their Own "Zombie" - (2011) :30 (USA)

The Zombie is having one of those mornings.

Spots: "Apartment," "Woodman," "Zombie," "Ninja," "Monster"
First Air: 4/20/2011 ("Apartment," "Woodman," "Zombie," "Ninja"), 5/5/2011 ("Monster")
Executive VP, CCO: David Smith
Executive VP, Executive Creative Director: Joe Baratelli
Senior VP, Group Creative Director: Jason Sperling
VP, Creative Director: Nathan Crow
VP, Creative Director: Adam Lowrey
Associate Creative Director/Art Director: Jamin Duncan
Senior Copywriter: Sarah May Bates
Sr. VP, Executive Producer, Content: Gary Paticoff
Senior Producer: Brian Donnelly
Assistant Producer: Faye Armstrong

Production Company: Smuggler
Director: Guy Shelmerdine
Executive Producer(s): Brian Carmody, Patrick Milling Smith, Lisa Rich, Laura Thoel
Line Producer: Jay Shapiro
DP(s): Paul Cameron, Kris Kachikis
Production Designer: Brock Houghton
Costume Designer: Casey Storm
Monster Costume: Legacy Effects
Editor: Rick Russell
VFX: The Moving Pictures Company
Colorist: Mark Gethin
Visual Effects Supervisor: Kim Stevensen
Visual Effects Producer: Eric McCaslin

Music Supervisor: good ear music supervision

Editorial Company: Final Cut
Editor: Rick Russell
Executive Producer: Saima Awan
Producer: Suzy Ramirez
Assistant Editor: Cudjo Collins

Audio Mix/Sound Design Co: Beacon Street Studios
Sound Designer/Audio Mix: Paul Hurtubise
Producer: Caitlin Rocklen
Assistant: Dewey Thomas



Honda should get their money back from the ad agency for this commercial.

I don't understand this commercial. I get the point that they are trying to say there is a civic for each and every different type of person out there, but the analogy is lame. The characters they chose for this commercial are so strange, it takes away from the point of the commercial. I heard the commercial playing behind me on TV while at the computer. I didn't even remember what the commercial was about until I looked it up and discovered it was for the new Honda Civic. This commercial does not do a very good job at selling the product. It is only disappointing to see Honda do something so useless. What a waste of time and money (I could have used)!

does this commercial suggest that only dead f**ks dry rice burners???????????????????????????????????????????????

I love these commercials, I actually want to watch car commercials for once thanks to them. The Kia Soul Hamsters don't make any sense for cars either, but I like those commercials as well. They're funny. Its called thinking outside of the box. "Real" car commercials are boring and I always change the channel. Honda probably realized this and decided to change the flow of things. Kudos to Honda for making these commercials!! The ninja is my personal favorite thanks to the song!

yeah retard. good job. go back to ur coloring book.

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