Take a Honda, a 3G network , and a clever little idea of collecting data from the cars where they are to gather traffic data, and you have Internavi. Now add something as drastic as the tsunami as road-ruining disaster on top and the system really proved it's worth in the days after the disaster. In order to help the police, ambulances, firemen and aid workers to get around the country Honda set all their Internavi data free on the web to show which roads remained intact and help the aid effort. It became a vital tool in rebuilding the country and even Google based their recovery map on Internavi data. Internavi data proved so useful that it quickly spread via twitter and various social networks. Subscribers increased 120% and usage increased by 200%.

Ad agency: Dentsu Kaoru Sugano : Creative Director / Creative Technologist Kyoko Yonezawa : Creative Technologist