Fourth Quarter
Originally aired in 2006

Ad agency: Rubin Postaer
Associate Creative Directors: Jim Real, Rich Pass
Senior VPs/Creative Directors: Joe Baratelli, David Smith
Senior Producer: Brian Donnelly
Senior VP/Executive Producer: Gary Paticoff
Executive VP/Director of Creative Services: Larry Postaer
Production: Superfad
Creative Director, Seattle: Will Hyde
Creative Director, Los Angeles: Justin Leibow
Director: Dade Orgeron
Executive Producers: Kevin Batten, Rob Sanborn
Live-Action Line Producer: Bo Platt
Post Producer: Erica August
CG Artist: Mike Kirylo, Scott Stewart, John Cherniack, Shannon Thomas,
Phiphat "P" Pinyosophon
CG Artist/ Compositer: Brian Demong, Tom Oakerson
Compositor: Matt LaVoy, Dennis Wilkins, Jance Allen
Editor: Charles Jensen


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