"Here's a little song..." This ad is FANTASTIC!

Ad Agency: Wieden+Kennedy UK Client: Honda Creative team: Sean Thompson, Michael Russoff, Richard Russell Illustrators: Yasuko Ikeda, Mike and Katie, Katharina Leuzinger, Filipe Alçada, Nexus Productions Typographer: Richard Hooker Graphic Designer: Reese Millidge, Ludovik Boden, Adam Pointer Concept: Nexus Productions, Unit 9 Original Designs: Smith & Foulkes Creative Director: Kim Papworth, Tony Davidson Director: Smith & Foulkes Technical Director: Yates Buckley Producer: Piero Frescobaldi Producers: Chris O'Reilly, Charlotte Bavasso, Julia Parfitt Production Company: Nexus Productions Design Group: unit9.creative.production Agency Producer: Rob Steiner 3D Modelling / Texturing / Animation: Darren Price, Steve Brown, Mark Davies, Luis Juan Palares, Michael Greenwood, Mike Swindall, Daniel Shutt, Laura Russell, Saul Freed, Sandra Guarda Animator: Chi Chow, Nicholas Brooks, Filipe Alçada Compositor: Reece Millidge, Eddy Herringson, Moshe Sayada Editor: Smith & Foulkes Music Composer: Michael Russoff Music Arranger: Amber Music Music Production: Amber Music Lyricist: Sean Thompson, Michael Russoff, Richard Russell Sound Designers: Johnnie Burn, Steve Nolan Sound Engineer: Amber Music Agency Producer: Charlie Tinson
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  • deeped's picture

    This is the greatest done in a long time... I get totally in love with advertising when seeing such a spot.

    Sep 25, 2005

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