Hooters - 20th Anniversary (2003) - 0:30 (USA)


Hooters - 20th Anniversary (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

Doing their breast Forrest Gump.

That is, they time-travel and add Hooters T-shirt clad women to famous news and historical clips, including the one where we see Monica Lewinsky hug Bill Clinton. They are on Michael Jackson's and Priscilla Presley's airplane! Man these hooters girls are like their chicken wing sauce, gets everywhere.




Hmmm... Kansas City has around 5 or more Hooters here and I've yet to see an advert for Hooters. Two things come to mind, first. Does Hooters have the mindset that Kansas is full of Steers and Queers, or is there no need to advertise in the KC metro area due to the over abundance mindless, testosterone filled, collegiate freshmen....Great Special, by the way.

Nice concept to put the product in other situations. Somewhat actual since Palmer did die this autumn.

or last week, whenever it was.. I doubt that was part of their plan.

Robert Palmer was an underrated talent. That video is still iconic, and the song as well. I also liked the Hooters girls face when seeing Monica Lewinsky hug President Clinton. Hooters waitresses have better class!

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