Hooters - "Lifeguard" - (2012) :30 (USA)

Hooters. The place where they grind up little old ladies and turn them into Buffalo-wings, because only young busty things are worthy of breathing, and only if they serve pitchers of beer and chicken while wearing minishorts. I think that's what the ad is saying. It isn't? Oh wait, I forgot to read the press release with all the important stuff:

This new campaign, via Fitzgerald+Co, directed by Jody Hill (noted director of HBO's Eastbound & Down) and edited by Arcade Edit's Geoff Hounsell, features Hooters consumers' inner Hooters dialogue.
In "Lifeguard", two hand puppets, the Devil and Angel Owls, resplendent in the orange and white Hooters colors, debate the merits of a prospective guest’s inner dialogue on whether he should go to Hooters and what he should order when he gets there.

"I just threw up in my beak" - that line is so old you should have regurgitated it a year ago birdie nam nam.

Ah. Now that I've read the release, that's totally different. Basically the ad sells Hooters for exactly what it is; Douchebagville with pitchers of lager and deep fried anything served by pretty girls. They don't make deep fried chicken bits from little old grannies, they just let them drown in the pool. So, go have some burgers if you fancy that sort of stuff, and don't complain to me when your spare tires get so large only grand-mama will flirt with you. Yeah, it's a two-way street mate! Pass the god damned beer.

Brand: Hooters Title: "Lifeguard" Agency: Fitzgerald+CO Agency Producer/HOP: Christine Sigety Creative Director: Evan Levy CCO: Noel Cottrell SR. AD: Patrick Campbell Account Director: Allison Sherrill Production Company: Caviar Executive Producer: Michael Sagol, Jasper Thomlinson Producer: Luke Ricci Director: Jody Hill DOP: Mark Williams Production Designer: Lauryn Leclere Editorial Company: Arcade Edit Executive Producer: Damian Stevens Editor: Geoff Hounsell Producer: Denise Hutton
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Oh. *double blink*

What the ...

Makes no damn sense and I (a pool lifeguard during college days - demoted to clubhouse attendant for alcohol rule violation.) find it insulting that two piss-ant puppets tricked the guy to go to Hooters. Hell the name tells me the place is full of pretentious assholes.

The local biker titty bar has the good food.

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So...let's let old ladies drown so we can go get our hooters on. Also, is it me, or do those puppets look ever so slightly like they might be emulating the south park characters?

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I think it is funny. I miss the days when you could laugh at something light and not worry about all the political correct opinionated B.S.

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That's back when we were selling airlines on how hot the stewardesses looked in hotpants, right? Sorry for stepping on your lawn, grandpa.

Southwest Airlines - Hostesses in hotpants - (1972) :30

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Hooters has great food, and that ad is a major turn off. I hope it is a joke.

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People with no sense of humour need not comment. Hooters is MALE HEAVEN and the old bags should exercise behind closed doors. Lighten up folks no elderly peeps were killed in the making of this ad! And it does not hurt to laugh every once in a while. Cows will always have a problem with Hooters because they're good look'in days are so far behind them they forgot what is was like to be looked at as cute. Lose weight , give it up sometimes and you won't lose your husband to Hooters on a Saturday night. Reality Bites Sometimes!

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No respect for the ladies means no respect for yo mama.

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So if we follow the anonymouscoward's train of thought it is probably okay to make fun of people of color, provided none of them are hurt during the filming of a craptacular spot. Guess what, anonymous coward? it's 2012. we have all evolved and developed senses of humor that are different from yours, because ours is no longer pre weimar republic. this ad is clearly sexist and ageist. perhaps someday when you've moved out of your mum's house you'll understand it, but for now all I can say is, have fun hiding behind your anonymous troll comment.

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I agree you coward