In " A not so ordinary call" we see family and friends get together for their usual face to face calls. Technology really brings people together, it's amazing that we can do this, despite living in different cities, miles apart.

But what if there's was a better way? Good news, there is. And this little stunt shows you how quick and easy it can be. Sisters, daughters, cousins and mothers are calling each other for a little facetime, but it's all a setup. They're actually (DOOMSDAY VOICE) calling from inside - err - outside the house.

Lionel Guérin, HOP! CEO announced: “The beautiful mission of air business and more particularly HOP!’s mission, in French and European regions, is to allow women and men to meet for real. Face-to-face contact, meeting each other and live dialogue, will always be stronger than virtual communication. Within a few minutes, this emotional video proves it.”

Taking little airlines like this for a quick visit is not just convenient, it's quite inexpensive too, fares start at €59 and there's 510 daily flights to 129 destinations. Just Hop! on one.

Ad agency : Les Gaulois