have found a way to (attempt to) cut through the clutter on Facebook. In “Interpreter” the brand mascot Captain Obvious is using subtitles and an interpreter using American Sign Language, so that the video which will autoplay muted, still works. If the video is muted you get subtitles, and if it's not you hear his spiel, making the ASL interpreter a little redundant.... But as Captain Obvious declares, she is also awesome. Spot on the brands current campaign tone of voice, and clever for where the ad is positioned to boot. Love it.

Also love the way she repeats "Awesome.. Awesome..." If you pay attention to the ASL, she says "If you type "Gift me" in the comments you'll get a gift card".

Ad agency: CP+B

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  • Ronin's picture
    Ronin (not verified)

    ASL now? How many languages do you speak, woman!?

    Jun 04, 2015
  • Dabitch's picture

    You can see her spelling G I F T M E quite easily.

    Jun 04, 2015
  • Jen's picture
    Jen (not verified)

    You don't automatcally get a gift card, but a chance to win one! :) :) Coolest ad I've seen in a long time!!

    Jun 06, 2015

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