The House of Marley teamed up with Psyop to introduce their new high end audio systems. Part of the Get Together campaign, featuring four videos shot by four different filmmakers in two different cities. Pysop's was shot in Kingston, Jamaica. It features local kids hanging out and doing what they do best, kind of like an adidas Originals spot, but with a cool animated overlay.

It's a nice celebration of music. Although considering 1.1 million Jamaicans are living below the poverty line, an ad featuring the kids twerking to music coming from speakers that are two hundred dollars a pop is a bit of a disconnect. Even if you know nothing about Kingston, you can see visually that the infrastructure is quite lacking.

Also, I wonder what Bob Marley would think now that his name has been so solidly turned into a brand.

Client: House of Marley The House of Marley Creative Director: Gabriel Kuo The House of Marley Executive Producer: Tracy Anderson Director of Photography: Niles Saulter Additional Camera: Edward Grams 2nd Unit DOP: Edward Grams Production: Psyop Creative Director: Gerald Ding. Executive Producer: Lydia Holness Producer: Ryan Mack, Nick Read Director of Photography: Nile Saulter 2nd Unit Director of Photography: Edward Grams Editor: Cass Vanini. Art Director: Hyun Sung Park Lead Animator: Jamal Otolorin 2D Animator: Jeffrey Lai, Hyun Song Compositor: Maxim Kornev Colorist: Ron Sudul Music Track: Watch Out For This (Bumaye) [feat. Busy Signal, The Flexican & FS Green] by Major Lazer

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