American Express teamed up with Twitter Twitter to allow users who sync their card to Twitter to buy directly on the platform.
Great news for Amex who continues to be at the forefront of technology. And even better news for Twitter who continues to look for ways to make money.

Sounds great. Also I imagine a lot of drunken impulse buys. Win win! Can I buy a kidney?

Also, when did product demonstrations become the benchmark for ads of this nature? Sorry but iPad ads are boring as shit, and we all know it.

For all those creatives who wanted to use the "like" button as a form of currency in your concepts (and admit it, there are a lot of you) Twitter beat ya. Unlike Facebook's great Wall Of China impregnability, that won't let you mess with their API or Zuckerbeg Commandments, Twitter's way more laid back. Cause they need the money.
But this is also good news (or bad, if you're one of those snake oil social media gurus wanting to convince clients that people talking about your product is akin to something big) for those who want real proof social media leads to sales. Quote the Wall Street Journal blog post:

Marketers for the most part devote a small chunk of their advertising budgets to Twitter, partly because it’s tough to prove a tweet or an ad on Twitter leads to a sale. Being able to directly show consumers seeing a Twitter message and buying a product may prove that connection.

American Express has previously made in-roads on Foursquare, Xbox live and Facebook. So it's not new territory for them. What it is, however, is an uncluttered territory. As for whether or not the public is ready to buy, I guess that all depends on what will be sold.

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