HP's new 3D Capture Stage makes personal 3D printing easier than ever before. And nothing highlights that feature better than the story of a woman named Jane who loses her childlike sense of wonder completely by the time she gets to college and has to like, learn stuff (probably existentialism or the works of August Strindberg or something) and then a few years later gets taken to task for trying to decorate her office cubicle, only to climb the corporate ladder in a haze of ennui, pills, divorce, alcoholism and failed inter-office romances. What?

They chose The Children’s Silverlake Choir's rendition of Roger Hodgson's “The Logical Song,” as the soundtrack. But hell, the underlying tone of this spot is so surprisingly dark, they could have gone with Pink Floyd instead of Supertramp. Another Brick In The Wall, part 2, anyone?

Thank god there's HP, tho! Oh, and offspring we can live vicariously through. Let's be honest, the daughter was how she got the spark back, anyway.

Client: HP Chief Marketing Officer: Antonio Lucio VP, PPS WW Marketing, Consumer PC: Vikrant Batra WW Communications Director: Matt Cowling WW Marketing/Creative Sprout: John Randazzo Product Marketing Manager, Immersive Computing: Stephen Miller Chief Marketing Officer: Steve Fund VP Global Creative Director: Teresa Herd Marketing Director: Cassio Tiete Senior Marketing Manager: Elizabeth Lin Agency: 180LA Chief Creative Officer: William Gelner Creative Director/Copywriter: Zac Ryder Creative Director/Art Director: Adam Groves Head of Production: Natasha Wellesley Executive Producer: Erin Goodsell President/Global CEO: Mike Allen Account Director: Mike Slatkin Account Manager: Danielle Tisser Account Manager: Nicole Stokman Chief Strategy Officer: Mike Harris Head of Strategy: Jason Knight Planning Director: Anne Heuer Planner: Andrew Zakim Business Affairs: Loretta Zolliecoffer Production Company: Park Pictures Director, Director of Photography: Lance Acord Executive Producer: Jackie Kelman Bisbee Executive Producer: Mary Ann Marino Head of Production: Anne Bobroff Producer: Caroline Kousidonis Production Designer: Jason Hamilton Casting Company Director: Dan Bell Shoot Locations: USC, Menlo Club, Leo Carrillo State Beach, Hawley House, Los Angeles Editorial Company: Exile Editor: Kirk Baxter Executive Producer: Carol Lynn Weaver Producer: Lauren Pullano/Tobie Louie Completion/Special Effects Mill LA: Senior Executive Producer: Sue Troyan Producer: Kiana Bicoy Colorist: Adam Scott 2D Lead Artist: Steve Cokonis Recording Studio: Eleven Sound Mixer: Jeff Payne Asst Mixer: AJ Murillo Executive Producer: Suzanne Hollingshead Producer: Dawn Redmann Music Company:Agoraphone Producer: Dawn Sutter Madell Song: The Logical Song Writers: Roger Hodgson, Richard Davies