HP - Paulo Coelho (2008) 0:60 (USA)


HP - Paulo Coelho (2008) 0:60 (USA)

World-renowned author Paulo Coelho, known for such works as his international bestseller The Alchemist, is providing a unique opportunity to countless aspiring filmmakers everywhere. As a way of bringing his latest book, The Witch of Portobello, to life, Coelho is inviting writers and directors-on-the-rise to participate in "The Experimental Witch Film Competition," in partnership with Hewlett Packard.

The most recent in a series of graphic-studded spots focused on celebrity torsos and their animated hands, this offering from HP was produced entirely by Transistor Studios in collaboration with Goodby. In this case, the term collaboration is not exaggerated. According to Transistor’s Creative Director James Price, "That doesn’t happen enough anymore," in regard to this particular agency’s team spirit.

Goodby’s HP Creative Director Stephen Goldblatt states, "Transistor knew what we wanted and were incredibly flexible, collaborative and open with the piece."

We’ve all seen notable personalities like Jerry Seinfeld and Serena Williams use their hands and words to brilliant effect, so what’s so special about this spot? For one thing, it is the first time in HP’s entire campaign that multiple people (or, at least, their middles) have appeared in one spot together. Also, the awe-inspiring visual effects generated by their fingers are focused on a specific character (Coelho’s creation, "Athena") instead of merely an array of computer applications.

"With the help of everyone involved, we were able to really convey the concept of Paulo Coelho’s competition" states Goldblatt.

Price also emphasizes that coordinating this spot was a real challenge. Due to the volume of motion graphics involved, the shoot itself had to be completed quickly. In addition, the actors’ hands couldn’t simply do what they wished; there was some major choreography to be executed, including precise, natural movements and even a whole production day of just working with the hands.

The end result is truly a work of art, likely to inspire many would-be film directors, some of whom may just make The Witch of Portobello a beautiful reality.

Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Stephen Goldblatt Creative Director
Cathleen Kisich Producer
John Nussbaum Art Director
Matt Herr Copywriter

Director: James Price
DP: Kira Kelly
ASST. Camera: Henning Thien

Graham Hill
Craig Hubbard
Ian Kim

Joey Park
Jack Myers
Greg Chen
Aaron Baker
Kazuhiro Ymamamoto
Thessia Machado

Paulo: Joseph Bove
Woman: Shannon Murray
Man: Huguens Legagneur


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