This large scale viral campaign is designed to encourage people to get on their bikes and explore their local surroundings in unusual ways. Following the HTC Detour team, which is made up of cycling professionals including record breaking German cyclist and HTC Highroad member, Erik Zabel, plus sponsored talent and enthusiasts from all around the world, the film takes you on on a cycling ‘detour’ through Warsaw exploring some of the city’s most unusual places to which cyclists are not normally given access.

Executive Creative Director - Wayne Guthrie, Ben Little Art Director - Victoria Fulton Copywriter - David Curzon, George McDonaugh Agency Producer - Selina Dey Production assistant - Georgia Dickinson Account Management - Zöe Kretzschmar, Lindsay Barnes Film Prod Co: A+ / Academy Films Director: Seb Edwards Producer: Dom Thomas Dir of Photography: Lasse Frank Post-Prod House: MPC VFX Producer / Supervisor: Abisayo Adejare Editing House: Trim Editor: Tom Lindsay Audio House: Wave

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    AnonymousCoward (not verified)

    That guy on the rooftop is making me dizzy.

    Aug 23, 2011

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